07 September 2011 ~ 27 Comments

Janet Attwood Interview: Making Money From Your Passion

My interview with Janet Attwood is the prime example how you can turn your passion into profit. She should know -she is doing it even as you are reading this blog article. Janet Attwood Interview Do you wonder about how what you already know can be monetized? Don’t you love that word “monetize”; when I […]

02 September 2011 ~ 5 Comments

Your Mindset and Financial Freedom Part 3

Your mindset can be your ally or your worse enemy when you want to create financial freedom. In part 2, we explored how our money thermostat predetermines our ability to make and keep the money we have generated. Raising your money thermostat Consider this business model: Set up businesses that run like clockwork Low or […]

28 August 2011 ~ 38 Comments

Kristen Howe Interview: Go Big and Success Coaching

Kristen Howe is a Broadway actor and founder of Go Big Coach. Her motto Go Big has come from personal experience. In this interview Kristen explains her version of the Law of Attraction and how it has got her to the level of success she now enjoys. Kristen Howe Interview “Our attitudes decide how we […]

24 August 2011 ~ 25 Comments

Camilla Mendoza Interview: Money Mastery For Women

Interviewing Camilla Mendoza founder of Money Mastery for Women is like being given a mega dose of mega wattage. Not only was the experience illuminating, I could not help but be swept up by the pure energy of her passion for helping women get their financial act together. Camilla Mendoza Interview Drawing on her own […]

19 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Your Mindset and Financial Freedom Part 2

Did you know that your emotional money profile determines your current level of wealth and if you are after financial freedom, then read on. Note that I used the word emotional rather than rational or logical. You see, most people treat wealth creation as purely a numbers game-yes, that is an integral part of becoming […]

17 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Sally Couper Interview: “Real Estate Adventures-How I had fun while making millions in property”.

I am always inspired when I get to talk to self made millionaires particularly women who have defied their personal circumstances to become who they are today. Sally Couper was born in New Zealand in the middle of a storm and her early years mirrored this tumultuous start. She grew up with an alcoholic father […]

13 August 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Your Mindset and Financial Freedom: Part 1

Your mindset is the deal maker (or breaker) in just about everything you do; that includes building financial wealth. If you aren’t at the stage of being financially independent, I suggest you study the wealthy. Your motto for the next 90 days is: Aspire and Emulate If you want (aspire) to be wealthy, then copy […]

26 July 2011 ~ 1 Comment

“You can make excuses or you can make money”-Donald Trump

I thought it appropriate to quote the “Donald” in today’s blog article because it is pithy and cuts straight to the chase. Much like the man himself. You may or may not be an ardent fan but personal preferences aside he has a point. It is a very valuable and relevant point. Fundamentally we have […]

22 June 2011 ~ 2 Comments

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