03 November 2011 ~ 9 Comments

Paul J Lange Interview: Blue Ocean Strategist and Rainmaker

Paul Lange likes to help his clients see the big picture when he gets the call to fix their businesses.

Okay, the bottom line is to make more money via the careful implementation of new and strategic steps but Paul’s unique approach is to discover what truly drives his clients and works with them using those drives to achieve their business targets and goals.

Paul Lange Interview

I asked Paul what makes him so successful at his chosen field and when you listen to this interview, you too will get the impression that he genuinely loves getting out there and meeting people. This man was born to network.

For a self confessed homebody, I take my hat off to people like Paul who have a special talent for creating synergies by connecting and hooking up two or more unrelated parties to everyone’s benefit.

Paul also shares his insights into the characteristics and traits that separate the clueless business owners from those who have their act together (read successful).

Listen to his take on bouncing back from major financial losses (having been there and done that himself). These are mighty encouraging words for anyone finding it tough going during this challenging economic period.

If you want him on your team head over to http://www.paullange.com.au and tell him I sent you.

Paul J. Lange is a business mentor and C-level executive consultant who helps entrepreneurs apply big business, enterprise disciplines and solutions to gain a competitive advantage and increase profits.


9 Responses to “Paul J Lange Interview: Blue Ocean Strategist and Rainmaker”

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