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Your Money And Your Mind Set http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com Sun, 17 Nov 2013 23:05:04 +0000 en hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.2.1 Two Numbers Crucial To Your Success http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/two-numbers-crucial-to-your-success/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/two-numbers-crucial-to-your-success/#comments Sun, 17 Nov 2013 23:04:41 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=667 65,000, thoughts!!!

That’s the number of thoughts the average person has each day.

Here’s another number for you: 80%.

That’s the average amount of those thoughts that are negative!

[Uncover how your thoughts may be fueling or repelling your
abundance level right here]


Those numbers might sound scary…

But hey – we’re only human, right? We all entertain judgmental, critical or self-defeating thoughts from time to time.

But left unchecked, these little suckers can become deeply embedded thought patterns that cause you to unconsciously repel the things you truly deserve and desire – money, happiness, fulfillment, love and freedom.

So… here’s how to use the power of your mind to FUEL your success instead of sabotaging it:

[==> Stop, drop and click to watch this free mini video-jam with the
'Abundant Aussie']


Yep, there’s a woman who insiders are calling the ‘Abundant Aussie.’

She’s already touched over 1 million lives worldwide, and she’s just released this short video-jam that will pull back the curtains on YOU and your level of abundance.

It’s free, it’s crazily insightful and I’ve already sent it out to every single one of my contacts – it’s that good!


You’ll have discovered the #1 “lie” that stops 99.9% of people (including you?) from getting what they truly desire – the car, the holidays, the success, the relationships and the money.

And no, it’s not lack of motivation, dedication or time spent working so hard that you never have any spare time. It’s much bigger and yet so much more simple than that!


You’ll have gone through her quick start Abundance Exercise, revealing how much wealth, good health, love and freedom you have in your life. (It’s a real eye-opener!)


You’ll be armed with not one, but TWO abundance-amplifying tips that you can implement instantaneously to raise your overall abundance so you can attract more love, happiness and wealth into your life, by this time tomorrow.

Just one of these tips alone could have a huge impact on your life from this day forward.

[Click here to get in on all the goodness for yourself - you are so worth it!]

Enjoy! I know I did :)

P.S. Like I said earlier, I have personally gotten so much out of this video that I actually watched it for a second time to soak up as much as I could.

Call me an overachiever (guilty as charged), but I ALWAYS place a high priority on finding ways to squeeze out even more abundance, fulfillment and satisfaction from life.

So, if there’s anyone on your contact list that you think could benefit from ‘more’ (of everything positive!) in their lives too, please feel free to forward this email on to them now. They’ll thank you later :)


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USA Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling Summary http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/usa-fiscal-cliff-and-debt-ceiling-summary/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/usa-fiscal-cliff-and-debt-ceiling-summary/#comments Tue, 12 Nov 2013 06:46:41 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=662 This is just about the most succinct explanation I have seen to get Joe and Jane Public aware of the dire situation they are in.

A picture is worth a thousand words:


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Forex Profits Mindset App http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/forex-trading/forex-profits-mindset-app/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/forex-trading/forex-profits-mindset-app/#comments Thu, 31 Oct 2013 23:27:11 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=658 “Until you manage your emotions, don’t expect to manage your money wisely”-Warren Buffett

A trading plan is only as good as the person following it. Profitable trading is 10 % system and 90 % mental and emotional mastery.

My app Forex Profits Mindset gets traders focused, mentally sharp and emotionally neutral before they start their trading day.

Use this app as your secret weapon to a profitable trading day.

Click here to download Forex Profits Mindset – https://appsto.re/i6FL9VF 


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10 (+1) Common Traits of Millionaires http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/entrepreneurship/10-1-common-traits-of-millionaires/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/entrepreneurship/10-1-common-traits-of-millionaires/#comments Sun, 20 Oct 2013 03:27:31 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=648 So what makes millionaires/successful people tick?

The delightful Paul and Mary Blackburn (Beyond Success) asked what I had gotten out of the hundreds of interviews I have done with inspiring people on my internet TV show Your Money and Your Mindset.

In a nutshell, they share common behaviours, attitudes and traits.

These can be learned by anyone with goals, aspirations and visions that are bigger than themselves.

If you think that they are somehow “special, gifted, talented supremos”, allow me to bust some myths and fallacies about this.

The truth is that wealth creation is within anyone’s grasp; what stands between a person and their goals is what goes on between their ears (and the sometimes bullshit story they tell themselves).

Time is short, life is precious, so take the appropriate and systematic action steps required and chase down your dreams.

Click below to listen to the mp3 recording of my discussion with Paul and Mary

LWT Beyond Success Teleclass Paul Mary Blackburn Part1

LWT Beyond Success Teleclass Paul Mary Blackburn Part2

In summary:

  1. Although some of them have self-doubt their sense of identity and purpose is very strong
  2. They are also speakers and/or authors-not media shy
  3. Proactively looked for solutions; not afraid to say “I don’t know”; set about finding people who did know
  4. Energetic, powerhouses and turbo charged
  5. Spent lots of money on their own education ie they hired coaches/mentors
  6. Early on in their lives they were faced with some sort of challenge either debilitating illness or injury or was ridiculed for having a goal that was considered big for who they were perceived by others at the time.
  7. Chucked out their emotional baggage around money. They got over any guilt or shame feelings about making a lot of money because they focused on the service or product they are providing their clients/market. Those with online businesses give first before they offered any products or services; eg free webinars that are content rich before they make their pitch
  8. They saw it as if I don’t do what I am doing, the world is a poorer place and people will miss out on something that will improve their lives (a bit of self rescuing but not senselessly altruistic-they made it ok to be paid handsomely for their services)
  9. They definitely have a set of success rituals they practice daily eg meditation and visualization; writing down their goals and having affirmations; having a to do list and executing the activities on that list
  10. They treat failure as feedback and do not seem to take it personally when a business fails
  11. Great communicators and great people skills



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Top 5 Destructive Money Beliefs http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/top-5-destructive-money-beliefs/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/uncategorized/top-5-destructive-money-beliefs/#comments Mon, 17 Jun 2013 22:43:57 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=643 Do you feel worthy?

Do you feel like you deserve money and wealth…

Or on a subconscious level, do you have a more disempowering conversation going on that’s actually REPELLING money from you… in ways that you might not even consciously realize?

If you’re curious to find out, I highly recommend you grab yourself a seat on Natalie Ledwell’s upcoming live training:

[>> "How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs" live online training session - save your spot now!]

According to Natalie, there are several subconscious limiting money beliefs that can block the flow of wealth into your life.

(And considering she’s spent the last 6 years speaking, writing books and creating tools on how to unlock more abundance into your life, I think she knows a thing or two about manifesting money!)

Here are the Top 5 Limiting Money Beliefs that afflict 99% of the population – one of which you may have buried in your subconscious mind that’s been working against you for years, maybe even decades…

#1: There is not enough money to go around.

#2: It takes money to make money.

#3: It’s greedy for me to want more.

#4: If I become wealthy people will hate me.

#5: I’m not worthy.

Is one of these limiting beliefs sabotaging your income in ways that you may not even consciously realize?

[>> Find out right here - grab your free seat on Nat's "How to Eliminate Self-Limiting Beliefs" live training!]

If you’ve ever had the privilege of attending one of Natalie’s other live trainings on human potential, you’ll know that she 100% delivers!

So don’t wait and miss out – [save your seat] before they’re all spoken for!

I hope to see you there :)


P.S. Would you like to find out how to be assertive without being aggressive? If so, you’re in luck…

Because as soon as you register for Nat’s training, she’ll immediately email you a very special free gift – her How to Create Win-Win Situations eBook!

Normally $67 but yours free, inside she’ll teach you the secrets to nicely but effectively influencing your spouse, friends, co-workers… even strangers!

[Reserve your seat & claim your $67 gift here]

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George Fokas: Stockmarket Cashflow Strategy http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/financial-education/george-fokas-stockmarket-cashflow-strategy/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/financial-education/george-fokas-stockmarket-cashflow-strategy/#comments Tue, 21 May 2013 12:42:25 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=638 It takes guts, Fokas (not a typo), passion and solid education in your chosen investment field to become financially independent.

The journey may be a lonely one as George Fokas global stock investor, educator, mentor and founder of Fokas Beyond.com can attest. But it is because of this unwavering self belief and persistence despite negative input from well meaning family and friends, he managed to go from working 50 hour weeks to retiring at 28 a financially free man.

The strategy George uses is a legitimate but little known method that lets him make cashflow in the stock market regardless of whether the market was going up, down or even side ways.

In this inspiring interview, hear George describe the number of times he got himself off the canvas after each financial setback. Let this be a lesson to anyone feeling as though they have had to stuffing kicked out of them and are feeling a bit despondent about their financial future. As he will tell you, it’s not how many times you get knocked down it is whether you get up again and again and again.

For anyone feeling cynical and jaded about the effectiveness of all the wealth creation programs they have bought (and haven’t been the cash generator they were promised), George has generously given out his personal email (which is unheard of) so that you can contact him directly to see for yourself the results his students have achieved.

Big call, but only so because his strategy works provided you follow the instructions to the letter and are focused, passionate and persistent, much like the man himself.



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Dr Harry Stanton: Successful Trader Psychology and Thinking http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/forex-trading/dr-harry-stanton-successful-trader-psychology-and-thinking/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/forex-trading/dr-harry-stanton-successful-trader-psychology-and-thinking/#comments Sun, 19 May 2013 05:17:29 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=630 I had a lively conversation with Dr Harry Stanton, author of Let The Trade Winds Flow: Psychology for Super Traders who is the expert in helping stock and forex traders overcome their self sabotaging behaviours.

The take home message is that there is no “holy grail” trading system; that is the bad news. The good news is that you (the person/trader) are the Holy Grail; effectively whether you become a consistently profitable trader or blow up your account is wholly and solely dependent on what goes on between your ears.

At the heart of it, the deciding factor if you will is your level of self esteem; as Dr Stanton explained the basis of his success in getting his clients back to winning form is self-empowerment, morale building and performance enhancement. His approach of helping people to manage their lives more successfully by overcoming the obstacles they create within their own minds is a stroke of genius and an inspired vocational path.

Listen to Dr Stanton’s simple and effective strategy that has helped a segment of traders who normally suffer analysis paralysis “pull the trigger”. It is easier than you think!

Harry Stanton Interview Part1 15May2013

Harry Stanton Interview Part2 15May2013

Contact Dr Harry Stanton on +61 3 6225 1910

http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/forex-trading/dr-harry-stanton-successful-trader-psychology-and-thinking/feed/ 2
How To Have more love, money & happiness http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/money-and-mindset/how-to-have-more-love-money-happiness/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/money-and-mindset/how-to-have-more-love-money-happiness/#comments Wed, 15 May 2013 14:03:47 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=625 A few days ago my friend was telling me about this lady called
[Katherine Murray]…

A lady who had experienced a massive transformation – from a
life of extreme debt, depression and despair to superstar
award-winning screenwriter status in record time.

When she was telling me, it wasn’t the story that totally wow’ed

It was the details of how she did it. How she got herself out of a
rut and how she managed to move from an unfulfilling life to a
life of total happiness and prosperity.

Now, if we’re to be completely upfront with each other, I’m sure we
can agree that sometimes in life there are roadblocks that we come
up against that make us feel stuck. We can feel like we’re standing
in quicksand, with no way to get out.

In those moments you might ask yourself, ‘How do I get out of this?’
or ‘What can I possibly do to change my situation?’

Well today, I’d love to share with you Katherine’s secret. It’s actually
the secret that Natalie Ledwell (you know, the Law of Attraction and
personal growth guru?) used to transform her life into one of ultimate
happiness, success and financial abundance.

You see, Katherine is the fictional character inside Natalie’s new book,
Never In Your Wildest Dreams. But what’s important you know, is that
this book was written as an amazing ‘life manual.’

So not only is it an entertaining read, it’s also full of unique tips, life
lessons and specific techniques that you can apply to your life to see
groundbreaking success.

Plus, Natalie even created an amazing ‘Inside The Chapter’ Video Series
that can be accessed at the end of each chapter, giving you a deeper look
into each of the specific lessons you should take away and implement into
your life. They’re amazing!

[>>> Just released: Never In Your Wildest Dreams]

Now this is important:

To celebrate the release of her new book, Natalie is giving away a total
value of $408 in amazing courses and goodies, plus some really cool
prizes, as part of her ‘Live Without Limits Giveaway Extravaganza

When you grab your copy, you’ll:

—> Get FREE instant access to Natalie’s 7-part online multimedia
course, 7 Secrets To Happiness that sells for $97 on her website!

—> Get FREE instant access to Natalie’s Law Of Attraction
101 course, that sells for $197 on her website!

—> Be entered in a drawing to win an all expenses paid trip to join
Natalie in sunny San Diego, California for a day of life planning with
Nat herself! (Valued at $10,000).

—> Plus 10 lucky winners will get free tuition into the Ultimate
Masterclass, Natalie’s revolutionary 12-week full-immersion
online success school, where you’ll learn how to reach your most
audacious goals at lightning speed. (Regular tuition: $997).

[Go here now to grab your copy and get instant access to hundreds
of dollars in courses and bonuses!] <—This week only!

So now, I have 1 final question for you: Are you ready to step into a
better life?

…A life that promises more fulfillment, that makes you light up with
happiness every single day, a life where every goal and dream you
have feels achievable?

Because if you are, I encourage you to take this unique opportunity to
get your amazing extravaganza giveaway package (for less than the
cost of a takeout meal), right now!

Let me know what you think, okay?

Chat soon,

P.S. This is a special ‘launch only offering’ so don’t wait, [go here right
now] to get all the details and scoop up all the amazing gifts waiting
for you!

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Kelly Falardeau:Success In High Heels http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/lorwai-tan-phd/passion-and-purpose/kell-falardeausuccess-in-high-heels/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/lorwai-tan-phd/passion-and-purpose/kell-falardeausuccess-in-high-heels/#comments Tue, 26 Feb 2013 23:57:57 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=612 Juggling family commitments, launching a new career as motivational speaker and winding up a 24 year marriage is what I call being a tad busy.

Kelly Falardeau a best selling author in her own right is also contributing a chapter to the upcoming book “Success in high heels” written by successful businesswomen to inspire other businesswomen.

Kelly Falardeau Interview Part1 26Feb2013

Kelly Falardeau Interview Part2 26Feb2013

What drives this burns survivor is the pure passion for doing what she loves; it is the energy to speak her truth from her heart.  Taking her life experiences as a young child undergoing multiple surgeries for burns treatment and copping the “ugly scarface kid” taunts from other school children has been her driving force to uplift and inspire others who yearn to live life on their own terms.

If you are wondering if the money follows when we honestly pursue our passion, be assured that it does. As Kelly shared, “I get paid 10 times more than when I had a job and I don’t have to turn up to work every day in an office with four walls around me.”

In the excerpt below, Kelly shares her 2 secrets for overcoming self doubt and building self image that is so necessary for us to fulfill our destiny.
















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Mike Handcock: Entrepreneur X Factor 2013 http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/entrepreneurship/mike-handcock-entrepreneur-x-factor-2013/ http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/entrepreneurship/mike-handcock-entrepreneur-x-factor-2013/#comments Sun, 24 Feb 2013 01:16:37 +0000 admin http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/?p=605 I will say that 2013 is the year of renewed optimism after what can only be described as a trying 2012. The global economy may have taken a battering last year but if you are like me, I am looking for better ways to grow my business in the coming 12 months.

Mike Handcock travels the world teaching entrepreneurs how to recognize new trends and consumer demands so that they can position themselves at the forefront to deliver goods and services that the market wants. The best bit is that Mike does it in a fun and interactive way and today we are going to talk about what is new and how you can benefit from Mike’s words of wisdom and meet him in person somewhere in the world where he holds his flagship “Rock Your Life” seminars.

Mike Handcock Interview Part1 19Feb2013

Mike Handcock Interview Part2 19Feb2013

Folks, you were destined for bigger things and in this excerpt Mike tells it like it is.

http://yourmoneyandyourmindset.com/entrepreneurship/mike-handcock-entrepreneur-x-factor-2013/feed/ 0