Mike Handcock Interview: Rock Your Life

Mike Handcock walks his talk as an entrepreneur, speaker, rock and roll musician and author whose business is his passion. In that sense, he doesn’t have to work to make a living as he sees his work as play.


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The top people in any industry are the Rockstars. They make all the money, get all the offers, have all the luck and have brilliant careers and businesses. But is there a formula to being a Rockstar?

Yes there is. In fact it’s all about having and creating ‘X’ Factor. It’s like the talent shows. You can have all the talent, do all the hard work, but you need something else and that is MAGIC when it counts. What is MAGIC?
M is for Mindset. Most people have too much negative self talk, limiting beliefs and values that don’t serve them
A is for Alchemy. It’s creating something from nothing and all the best people can do it.  There is a formula to alchemy as well. It’s when all is lost to then create an amazing win-win environment.

G is for Game. You have to be Game. Step outside the boundaries. Shift your comfort zone. No one who did anything amazing was in their comfort zone, but the key is to treat life as a game.  Make it fun.

I is for Intuition. Billionaires use Intuition more than anyone else. You don’t learn this at school. It has to be crafted.  It’s an art that has to be practised and rehearsed.

C is for Connections. Most of us never learned it at school, but connection is where it is at.  It’s not about having 5,000 friends on Facebook, it’s about how you connect with those people, from your heart to theirs.

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Mike Handcock Interview Part 1

Mike Handcock Interview Part2

Now wouldn’t some of you good people reading this article like to be in a similar position? However, there’s the all too familiar voice that screams “Caution-do not get out of your comfort zone”. Be honest-there is a pervasive underlying current of unease or even fear we rationalize as being conservative.

Lets’ get you our of your comfort zone because in this interview, Mike and I talked about having the courage to walk away from a highly lucrative job in the finance industry and taking his leap of faith into a business called Rock Your Life; with a tagline “”Entrepreneur – Change your life, improve your health, wealth, soul and business – with purpose” you kind of get the idea what Mike is all about.

He shares how a person can find out what really floats their business boat and have fun whilst being in their favourite business.

What I really love is the fact that I am meeting more heart centered entrepreneurs who find a spiritual practice in their business. I think we are at the pointy end of our current civilization (as we know it) and for us to evolve as a species, we need a new breed of business men and women who have a passion and wholistic approach to entrepreneurship.

If you are reading this, you may well be one of them.

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