Rod Schofield Interview on ADHD: Coping with and managing your difficult child

In all honesty, it is a juggling act being wife, mother and the “so with it” career executive or businesswoman.

Some days I feel like looking up the person who coined the term Superwoman and putting that myth where the sun don’t shine.

Assuming this role and raising a family of kids is still a challenge regardless of what anyone says.

So what if your child is considered by doctors to be ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder); how do you cope?

Your chosen career still demands that you will put in some serious hours.

But if your home life is in disarray the probability that you are devoting 100 % of your attention to fast forwarding your career is unlikely. It will be frustrating and will dissipate your energy leaving you feeling flat and a wee bit disappointed.

Perhaps there is the unspoken sense of guilt, failure and shame.

I suggest you stop beating yourself up and get a different perspective and with it some well needed encouragement on this subject.

Rod Schofield Interview

My interview guest Rod Schofield whose coaching business is called “Transform your difficult child” is well placed to discuss this topic.

Rod walks his talk because he found himself exactly in that situation when his youngest of 4 kids (Stephen) was diagnosed with ADHD

He shares his insights and equally importantly his means for managing his own energy levels which he recognizes that is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship with all his children, wife and growing his business.

You can contact Rod for his mentoring and coaching programs that help parents with difficult children at

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