Paul Khoury & Anthony Basil Interview: Passion, Quality and Commitment

Paul Khoury and Anthony Basil business partners in Classic Quarters Construction Group know that to thrive in an industry that is still struggling to cope with the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis requires a special something.

Their business turns over a healthy million dollars while others barely break even tells me that they are using some smart strategies and tactics to get ahead of the competition.

Paul Khoury Anthony Basil Interview 1

So what is their point of difference?

During this interview I found the recurring theme to be care, consideration for and clear communication with their clients.

Paul and Anthony’s passion for providing exemplary service was evident as was their philosophy of doing the best job possible and with integrity.

Some may argue that this is just good business practice, but it requires a mindset that puts people ahead of profits to achieve this.

These guys literally live their tagline Passion Quality Commitment-Excellence in Construction.

I also found it fascinating when they shared some of their success habits especially in the area of problem solving.

Check out the stunning building and renovation work Paul and Anthony have done for their very happy clients at

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