Letting Go

“Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping someone else dies”-Dr John F DeMartini Think back to the last time you felt ignored, insulted, offended, ostracized, humiliated, criticized, denigrated, bullied, blamed, suffered a public put down, and the list goes on…(a Thesaurus is a handy thing!) If you are a sharp wit and can …

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Anger Management 101

I am surveying the Band Aid strips I have on both knuckles as I am writing this. I am loathe to peel back the plaster because I know what I will see is still raw and bleeding.
“Why, how and what happened?” you may be asking (I hope you will anyway). But before getting to the bones of it let me flesh out the scene.
As women we get the message, usually subconsciously in the form of societal pressures that women do not get angry or upset. It is frowned upon, unacceptable and just not “lady like”.