Jules Tarrant & Hayley Wilson (Live Laugh Lead): Top 7 Secrets to Website Success

Jules Tarrant and Hayley Wilson from Live Laugh Lead (www.livelaughlead.com.au), specialize in helping entrepreneurs establish an online presence and get to that all important number one spot of page one of Google searches. We all know that being number one on Google is like getting a big free kick for skyrocketing your business.

Most entrepreneurs are busy running their businesses and don’t have time or inclination to build their own website let alone do the techie stuff to keep it up to date. And if you feel a bit intimidated by geek speak (acronyms like SEO, mysterious terms like back links etc), do yourself a favour and get Jules and Hayley to get your website rating while you get on with what you as an entrepreneur do best.

I especially love their abundance mindset (there are more than enough opportunities for everyone) that permeates every facet of their business (watch this excerpt below).

These ladies cannot help themselves when it comes to giving free and money making suggestions to their clients. Frankly, I would pay above the going rate to have them in my corner helping me grow my business.

Download and listen to the full interview:

Jules Tarrant Hayley Wilson Interview Part1

Jules Tarrant Hayley Wilson Interview Part2

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