Elizabeth Collins Interview: Psychology of Wealth Creation

Elizabeth Collins is a qualified psychologist who includes meditation, yoga, Buddhism and Kinesiology in her practice to help people move towards their financial goals.

Elizabeth highlighted one of the reasons why people struggle in the area of increasing business profits and wealth. The self sabotage behavior can be traced to an irrational fear of associating enormous wealth with becoming powerful; so powerful that it may corrupt the individual.

Elizabeth Collins Interview Part1

Elizabeth Collins Interview Part2

Elizabeth shares a mind shifting exercise that has helped her clients overcome this blockage, “It starts with examining their personal values around money.” She leads them through the thinking that “If I become powerful I will behave differently with my friends and family” however, “When I act from a place of integrity my friends and family can be positively influenced by my new found wealth.”

On the topic of developing a healthy mindset in the face of disappointment and adversity, Elizabeth offered this, “Practice learned optimism.” This would seem a foreign concept to some people who up until now have focused on the negative aspects of not getting the promotion, not getting the returns on their investments they had envisaged.

I found it empowering! Implicit in this statement is that we have a choice. We can choose to see the situation that did not turn out as we planned as an unmitigated failure or a chance to practice learned optimism.

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