Jeremy Britton Interview: 24 Hour Wealth Coach

Some people have the unspoken worry and fear that in order to become wealthy they will have to sacrifice their family and personal relationships; they feel that the price may even include their health.

Jeremy and Yvie Britton

This dichotomous either/or thinking results in people living “little” lives rather than expressing their full potential and magnificence.

I believe we can have it all and by this I mean having the material wealth, rich personal relationships, vibrant health and a sense of inner peace that comes with “doing” our passion and being comfortable in our own skin.

Jeremy Britton lives and breathes this philosophy and is living proof; yes he walks his talk. He is a qualified financial planner, sought after speaker and author of award-winning best-selling investment book, “Who’s Taking Your Money? (and how to get some of it back!)” and founder of Jeremy is a wealth and business coach who helps his clients grow their businesses by getting their heads and hearts to connect.

And sometimes our businesses would flourish if we just had an independent observer tell it like it is. We may not enjoy hearing it, but if we have been grappling with falling sales, shrunken profits (get the picture) and want to know how we can turn things around, we may need to “suck it up princess” and take personal responsibility for where we are in life, love, personal finances and health. Jeremy’s advice in this excerpt below is priceless!

Full interview:

Jeremy Britton Part1

Jeremy Britton Part2

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  1. Thanks Lorwai for a great interview. I drop the occasional swear word (sshhhh! Don’t tell my mum!) when I am very comfortable with a person or when I am getting extremely passionate about the topic. I think that your style had me feeling very comfortable whilst simultaneously allowing me to get very passionate! Thankyou!

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