Robert Jordan Interview: How they did it-Billionaire Insights

“A million dollars is not what it used to be” is a quote that would be met with incredulity if you have not made a million.

So how about stretching your entrepreneurial comfort zone by thinking in terms of making a billion dollars.

Robert Jordan author of How they did it: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America spoke with 45 billionaire entrepreneurs to uncover what makes them tick.

These are entrepreneurs with $100 million dollar companies who have taken their pride and joy public to the tune of $300 million or more.

Robert Jordan Interview

Basically they recognized and identified a need, developed a service or a widget and then realized their goal of turning their ideas into millions of dollars.

Below are six indispensable tips that helped them succeed

1. Do not be afraid to fail; if and when you do, make sure you fail fast.

2. Do not be precious about your idea, be willing to tweak it

3. Leave your ego at the door; be astute enough to hire people smarter than you

4. However, make sure they are nice not just smart.

5. Honestly is still the best policy, so be on the level when communicating with the people who work for you because no one becomes a billionaire on their own.

6. Believe in the goodness of your angel investors but have Plans B, C and D just in case they decide to bail

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