Warren Wilson Interview: Better Kids TV

Warren Wilson couldn’t find moveable toy building blocks on the market so he invented his own. Better Blocks was an inspired 30 second idea and 3 years in the making; it saw him come up against Lego the giant of the toy industry yet it still managed to make him $45 million.

Warren Wilson Interview Part1

Warren Wilson Interview Part2

Warren’s experiences in getting venture capitalists to invest in his prototype got him acquainted with entrepreneurship. His love for encouraging kids to think left field and with input from daughter Sheena has triggered another great idea of getting young entrepreneurs to share their knowledge with other kids via his fledgling television station Better Kids TV.

His new business vision of teaching kids entrepreneurship and smart money management came about after his financial windfall was whittled away as he says, “By not having the financial education to invest wisely”, ouch!

Enjoy this interview with Warren as he candidly and with humor tells of the ups and downs and then ups (again) of an inventor’s adventure in commercializing Better Blocks.

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