George Kraguljac Interview: Commercializing Your Bright Idea For Mega Profits

The world is littered with people who have great ideas; sadly their creations never see the light of day let alone become commercial successes. For my readers out there who feel they are on a winner but are not sure how to get their revolutionary concept or prototype to market, well listen up.

My very special guest George Kraguljac founder and CEO of EDAD Technologies Trust has spent over three decades getting people and their bright ideas across the line.

He is not just going to talk about the “how to” steps that are involved but also the psychology behind making this idea of yours work and turn over some serious money.

George Kraguljac Interview Part 1

George Kraguljac Interview Part 2

What I find inspiring is talking to heart centered entrepreneurs like George who consider their faith and personal beliefs part and parcel of their business dealings. His approach to business is that money and profits are super abundant. And to show that he means what he says, George is giving away his ebook Show Me The Money on how to take your ideas from concept to commercialization.

Simply send George an email on with the heading in uppercase – SHOW ME THE MONEY.


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