Megan Wisheart and Manuela Rocker Interview: Seriously Twisted Jewellery

Megan Wisheart and Manuela Rocker’s instincts and intuition were right on the money because these two ladies selling their individual jewellery collections at Sydney’s Manly weekend markets got into business within 30 minutes of meeting each other.

They are partners of Seriously Twisted Jewellery, a specialist Australian design and manufacturing jewellery house.

This is what I call business savvy-as adjacent stallholders Megan and Manuela recognized that collaboration rather than competition was key to not only surviving but thriving in a very competitive industry.

That was seven years ago.

What is more remarkable is that their business is recording a seven figure turnover in an industry that sells luxury items.

Logic would tell you that luxury items are the first to be cut from the household budget when the economy is experiencing a downturn.

So, what are Megan and Manuela doing to buck the trend?

Megan Wisheart Manuela Rocker Interview

In a nutshell it revolves around honouring their highest value of family, being passionate about what they do, having a reliable support team and staying fit and healthy. No junk food.

They also believe that you can never be too young to have a financial education. Both Megan and Manuela’s 5 year olds, Niki and Jett are budding entrepreneurs and they understand the value of a dollar.

Listen to Manuela describe the “Fitzel Incident” where Jett was so taken with the sparkling crystal bead that he ate it. “He has good taste” she said deadpanned.

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