Liana Allison Interview: Past (lives) and Future Wealth

Becoming wealthy requires daily actions that move us towards our clearly defined goals. It is keeping front and centre our well crafted plan and having laser like focus when executing said plan.

But do you sometimes feel that despite your best intentions, you find yourself doing the exact opposite- like an observer, you look on in amazement at the self sabotaging activities that occur. You shake your head in disbelief when you wake up from that unconscious behavior that had you going two steps forward one step back. “Why did I do that?” you ask yourself.

The answer may well lie in your past (life). So, before you dismiss this as bunkum do yourself a favour and suspend disbelief for a moment and consider what Liana Allison, a well credentialed business coach has to say on this subject. She specializes in giving people the opportunity to reach their true potential through accessing the four aspects of life; that being the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Liana Allison Interview Part1 9Oct2012

Liana Allison Interview Part2 9Oct2012

In some cases, physical symptoms such as skin rashes and even broken bones are a prequel to her clients seeking help when they find their businesses no longer growing or even going backwards. In this intriguing interview, Liana reviews the history of some of her clients who gained an appreciation of their not so helpful behaviours that had its genesis in past events. Armed with this knowledge, she facilitates the healing process so necessary to overcome firstly their self imposed limitations and then growth of their companies.

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Liana is a Master NLP Practioner, Beyond Success trained life coach and a highly gifted Intuitive Counsellor who draws on Spiritual Teaching when coaching her clients.

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