Suzanne Kambuts: Using Lifeline Techniques To Make Career Decisions

We make the best professional and personal decisions when we have clarity; this means whether we stay in our present corporate career or make that leap into starting our own business. Perhaps it is even whether we stay in a relationship or move on.

I have asked Suzanne Kambuts, founder of Transformational Living coach and Certified Practitioner in The Life Line Technique™ for her wisdom with regards to how best a person arrives at the right decision for them.

In this excerpt Suzanne gives you the background to how muscle testing aids this process of becoming clear about your life purpose. Unsurprisingly we first need to cut through the emotional baggage that can cloud our decision making process.

Listen to the entire interview where Suzanne gives you the details as to how best to develop laser like focus necessary to make that transition with confidence.

Suzanne Kambutts Part1 30Oct2012

Suzanne Kambuts Part2 30Oct2012

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