We are Creatures of Habit

As the title says, we are indeed creatures of habit.

In summary, these habits either get you to your financial, relationship and career goals or they subtly trip up your best efforts at moving past your current position.

Just this morning as you were getting dressed, did you have to think about how you put your dress, slacks or jeans on?

No, you either favoured your left or right foot first when stepping into your clothes.  How about putting on your shoes or boots-which was first, left or right. Or when you shrugged yourself into your coat, which hand went first into the sleeve of your jacket, left or right. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Do you see where I am going with this?

These basic habits are so ingrained that we hardly take any notice yet they and some of your more important habits dictate where you are in life.

So, how did you end up with habits?

Quite simply they originated from your thoughts and feelings. Wow, imagine that! Just by thinking in a particular way you can actively influence your future.

This is great news folks because it means you are in the driver’s seat, you are in control and you decide whether you want to pull into the swanky 5 star hotel or the no star fleabag motel next to the highway.

The sequence is this:

Your thoughts and feelings lead to actions; your actions repeated become habits and your habits give you the results you are getting right now.

If you don’t like where you are right now, you know what do you. That’s right, change the way you think and feel. Too simple? Well that’s your challenge for the week.

If reading this has made you want to take a look at your current habits such as eating, saving and exercise (but then you get distracted by what is on television), let me leave you with this tasty tip about one common habit of wealthy people.

They do not procrastinate. They do what they have to do straight away or they list the things that need doing, and they get on with it. NOW!

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