Derrick McManus Interview: Shot 14 Times And Still Laughing

Our mindset can make or break us. How many times have we set a goal and given up when the going got tough. We give ourselves an out and justify it by saying it all got too much to cope with.

My guest Derrick McManus is going to spin you out because after hearing what Derrick had to say about the obstacles he overcame, you won’t have any excuses about how hard things can get (not that I am trivializing what you are going through).

Derrick is still a serving member of the South Australian Police Force; he was shot 14 times (not a typo) during a siege in country South Australia. The amazing thing is that he is still walking, talking, breathing and laughing about the whole incident.

His secret?

Mental preparation and lots of it that allowed him to get through that harrowing time and be accepting of the event. In addition, having a healthy self esteem, passion for what he does and graciously accepting compliments that come his way are some of the choices he has made to live a successful life. Lots more wisdom when you click on the links to hear the full interview.

Derrick McManus Interview Part1

Derrick McManus Interview Part2

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