Dr Stephen Hardy Interview: Entrepreneur’s Tips For Staying Healthy

I firmly believe that a person requires robust good health and lots of high quality energy to create their wealth.

As an entrepreneur how do you stay healthy all the time?

What can you do to maintain optimal health when you are giving your 100% to growing your business?

Let’s face it- sometimes we cut corners by having more than the occasional meal of junk food when we are in the creative zone and we want to just keep going.

Stephen Hardy Interview

Dr Stephen Hardy is an expert in the field of staying healthy in our not so healthy environment.

He and earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry and immunology looking at how cells become cancerous and how our immune system keeps us healthy.

In this revealing interview he describes the differences in lifestyle choices of successful and struggling business owners. Definitely food for thought!

Stephen realized that the future of health and medicine lies not in finding cures but in preventing diseases from occurring in the first place.

With business partner Prof. Alf Poulos, Stephen is the co-Founder of “Promoting Good Health”

He has published and lectured internationally on health and preventative medicine, cancer, environmental issues, eco-system management, endangered species and sustainable lifestyles and agriculture.

Find Dr Stephen Hardy at http://www.promotinggoodhealth.com


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