10 (+1) Common Traits of Millionaires

So what makes millionaires/successful people tick?

The delightful Paul and Mary Blackburn (Beyond Success) asked what I had gotten out of the hundreds of interviews I have done with inspiring people on my internet TV show Your Money and Your Mindset.

In a nutshell, they share common behaviours, attitudes and traits.

These can be learned by anyone with goals, aspirations and visions that are bigger than themselves.

If you think that they are somehow “special, gifted, talented supremos”, allow me to bust some myths and fallacies about this.

The truth is that wealth creation is within anyone’s grasp; what stands between a person and their goals is what goes on between their ears (and the sometimes bullshit story they tell themselves).

Time is short, life is precious, so take the appropriate and systematic action steps required and chase down your dreams.

Click below to listen to the mp3 recording of my discussion with Paul and Mary

LWT Beyond Success Teleclass Paul Mary Blackburn Part1

LWT Beyond Success Teleclass Paul Mary Blackburn Part2

In summary:

  1. Although some of them have self-doubt their sense of identity and purpose is very strong
  2. They are also speakers and/or authors-not media shy
  3. Proactively looked for solutions; not afraid to say “I don’t know”; set about finding people who did know
  4. Energetic, powerhouses and turbo charged
  5. Spent lots of money on their own education ie they hired coaches/mentors
  6. Early on in their lives they were faced with some sort of challenge either debilitating illness or injury or was ridiculed for having a goal that was considered big for who they were perceived by others at the time.
  7. Chucked out their emotional baggage around money. They got over any guilt or shame feelings about making a lot of money because they focused on the service or product they are providing their clients/market. Those with online businesses give first before they offered any products or services; eg free webinars that are content rich before they make their pitch
  8. They saw it as if I don’t do what I am doing, the world is a poorer place and people will miss out on something that will improve their lives (a bit of self rescuing but not senselessly altruistic-they made it ok to be paid handsomely for their services)
  9. They definitely have a set of success rituals they practice daily eg meditation and visualization; writing down their goals and having affirmations; having a to do list and executing the activities on that list
  10. They treat failure as feedback and do not seem to take it personally when a business fails
  11. Great communicators and great people skills



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