Rick Galloway Interview: Protrader Network

Taking charge of your own financial destiny requires courage, the right education and an appreciation of your own risk tolerances.

That’s the down side (sort of), however the upside is that you get to decide how much you want to earn, where and when you wish to work and more importantly be able to live life on your terms.

Our money beliefs are the one deciding factor that determine our level of success in any business regardless of whether it is a traditional bricks and mortar kind of enterprise or on line website set up for the delivery of goods and services.

Rick Galloway Interview Part1

Rick Galloway Interview Part2

Owing a business is one way of creating wealth, but let’s stretch your comfort zone. Have you ever considered forex trading as a viable business?

And the bonus feature is that in a mildly perverse but benign kind way you get to discover your money beliefs and paradigms with the almost instantaneous feedback you get with regards to your decisions to trade the financial market on any given day.

This may be daunting but believe me it will allow you the opportunity to re program self limiting money beliefs (that operate at a subconscious level) that have stopped you from becoming the success you were always meant to be.

Rick Galloway founder of Protrader Network is a professional forex trader who has done the hard yards and walks his talk. His insights into what makes a successful trader include having the discipline to follow the rules that will keep them on the right side of a trade. The mindset of a trader is one that doesn’t take wins and losses personally. Now, that’s personal development on steroids!

If you are considering forex trading as a business (and casual pastime) you can get in touch with Rick at www.protradernetwork.com for more information about his mentoring course.

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