1. What am I getting with each pdf and mp3 recording

You are getting first hand experience from people who have trod the path to financial freedom.

They have done the hard yards and are you are getting their practical wisdom for your modest investment in the mp3 recording and pdf transcript.


2. Why should I need to get both products

We all learn differently.

You have been given two ways to learn; some people prefer reading the interview transcript (and make relevant notes) whilst others learn better by listening.

You can maximize learning by using your traveling time to work on the train/bus or even when you are in the car driving listening to the interview on your mp3 player.


3. If I really “get” one person’s wealth creation strategy how can I find out more

Email me and I will personally make sure they or their team knows you heard their interview on “Your Money and Your Mindset” for any special offers for coaching and mentoring programs


4. How will this will help me become financially independent

The old saying “Garbage in, garbage out” applies in every life situation. For example, if you want to become fit and healthy and shed some unwanted pounds, eating junk food and not exercising won’t make it happen, no matter how hard you wish.

You need to take the daily actions that get you to your health goals.

Same here, if you feed you mind with crap (endlessly wasting your time watching TV or playing video games) you will get crap results in your life.

So, by reading, listening and learning and feeding your mind with thoughts and practical ideas for long term wealth creation, you develop similar habits like that of these multi millionaires that made them millionaires!

The ball is in your court, sport.

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