Jeremy Britton: Preparing For Financial Armageddon

No doubt not only the US of A but the rest of the world is nervously eyeing the upcoming US presidential elections in early November 2012. At the time of posting, New York (the epicenter of global finance in North America) has just been paid a visit by Hurricane Sandy.

This wasn’t on the event horizon when I invited back Jeremy Britton a qualified financial planner and founder of back for his expert opinion. He was one of only a few financial planners who foresaw the 2008 GFC and got his clients out before the stock market crash.

Is this a portent of things to come? This can be construed as an accurate metaphor for those of us not asleep at the wheel. In effect, it means getting our personal finances in order sooner than later.

You may also be asking what are the ramifications for me, my family and specifically my financial future. If you are unsure as how best to weather this economic storm, it is always advisable to get the lowdown from people with the practical experience to do so.

Here’s one of Jeremy’s tips in this short excerpt below:

Full interview

Jeremy Britton Part1 23Oct2012

Jeremy Britton Part2 23Oct2012

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  1. The biblical Book of Revelation used to be called the Book of Armageddon. Perhaps Armageddon 2012 is not about the “end of the world” but instead may be an unveiling or revelation of what has been hidden?

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