Lee Chapman: How To Buy Gold And Silver

Now that the US Presidential race has been decided and we are looking at another 4 year term for Barack Obama, the financial markets can refocus on the economy.

Understand that we live in a global economy and what happens overseas ie in the United States, Europe and China will have ramifications for your financial future in Australia.

By now you would have become familiar with the term fiscal cliff but do you really understand what is going on?

Lee Chapman of SA Gold Traders will give us his take on what to expect in the coming 12 months in terms of investing in physical gold and silver as a means of protecting your wealth.

Full interview below:

Lee Chapman Part1 13Nov2012

Lee Chapman Part2 13Nov2012


Contact Lee (http://www.adelaidegoldbuyers.com.au) to purchase his ebook on how to buy gold and silver, spot fakes and make a profit from your investment in precious metals.

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