Vladimir Goryachev Interview: Stock Market Investing Strategies for 2012

Vladimir Goryachev, Director of VG Management in Sydney Australia is a stock market investor whose approach is to examine the fundamentals of a company before making any decision to purchase its stock.

This is in direct contrast to stock traders who seem to thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with the thrill of the chase.

Vladimir’s noticed over the years that the share market if used correctly can provide a good source of income and wealth building potential.

He says, “Some advantages of shares over property are; no stamp duty, no rates, land taxes, agent fees, tenancy problems etc”.

Vladimir Goryachev Interview Part1

Vladimir Goryachev Interview Part2

Personally, investing in the stock market has provided Vladimir with the ability to sleep at night without worrying about his investments and to have the freedom to be able to take time out whenever he feels like it. Nice one!

Here’s his most salient observation about human nature when it comes to investing:

“The market is something that I know I have no control over, what I have control of is the decision I make about a good or bad investment. The self sabotage I believe is when the investor or trader believes that they are invincible and they break their own rules or guidelines. This has been a major learning curve for me. Don’t break your own rules”.

Consider also his contrarian approach where he says, “If the market is trading up strongly, this usually means that there is going to be an adjustment, so lock in some of the profits, don’t be too greedy. As a general rule it just makes good sense when everyone is scrambling to get into the market, it really is a good time to exit the market, and when everyone is dumping their shares and getting out of the market, this is the time when you can pick up good quality shares at bargain prices”.

Vladimir’s vision: “My family, children and grandchildren are my legacy, if they have a life as good or better then what I have had then I will be content”.

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