Barbara Novak Interview: The Use of a Spiritual Coach in Business

After interviewing Barbara Novak an international clairvoyant of over 30 years I am convinced that reaching one’s financial or business goals can be hastened when we put away our skepticism and keep an open mind.

Barbara is a spiritual life coach who believes that balancing the emotions, thinking patterns and integrating their mind, body, soul and emotional health are the building blocks for her clients’ success.

Barbara Novak Interview

In the course of my interview with Barbara, a number of callers volunteered their birth details for a numerology reading.

I thought to myself that it would be an interesting exercise as it was “live to air”.

I was astounded.

The accuracy of her interpretation as verified by the callers left me no doubt that there is a place for these less familiar modalities in helping a person accelerate their wealth accumulation plans.

She described how a property investor client was in two minds about selling one of their investment properties.

Her gift of reading auras confirmed that selling was the correct decision for her client.

Barbara’s unique coaching methods help her clients not only improve their finances but other facets of their lives.

As she puts it, “Their finances, relationships and health are linked, so improvements in one area can positively affect all other parts of their lives”.

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