Your Money & Your Mindset: Interview with Mr Paul Blackburn Part 1

Interview with Mr Paul Blackburn the author of “Resolving the Money Riddle”.

Paul Blackburn is a best selling author, a highly sought after keynote speaker, and success coach. Through his seminars and workshop “The Mental Toolbox”, Paul has literally transformed the lives of over 100, 000 people in every facet including their health, finances and personal happiness.

His top 10 personal clients are collectively worth over $200 million. His millionaire clients have been unanimous in their acknowledgment that by using Paul’s techniques, they have exceeded their own expectations.

My question to Paul: Why did it take you so long to do it yourself?

Paul: “A bit of arrogance, I suppose. I considered myself smarter and therefore knew it all. It was only after coming face to face with terminal cancer and that being the chief breadwinner for my family (a loving wife, Mary and my two daughters) that I got serious about this.”

Find out why people have hang ups about money and Mr Blackburn’s advice to people wanting to better their results.

Interview Mr Paul Blackburn Part 1 (unlinked)

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