It’s the Little Things That Count

Hands up those of us who did the “I’m determined to lose those pounds and stop drinking/smoking in 2010” when the clock struck 12 on December 31 in 2009.

Hands up those of us who are on the path to making this happen even as you read this. Give yourselves that pat on the back!!

Now, hands up those of us who let that resolution take a back seat, from shooting out of the starting blocks like a finely tuned Olympic athlete on Jan 1st 2010 to being a weekend jogger today and if my reckoning is on the money, it will be a casual stroll before spring.

Good news! It ain’t half bad because we have an internal navigation system that we can switch on and need to keep on in times like these.

So, check in on yourself a couple of times a day and ask, how am I feeling about my desire to stop drinking/smoking and shedding a couple of pounds.

I feel your pain, as over the years I had acquired a demanding job and put on over 23 pounds!! Most of it through enjoying a glass or three of wine and spirits.

Here’s my tip for gently easing out of the habit of drinking a couple of glasses of scotch every night as my reward for a long day at the office.

Step 1-Fill a cut glass tumbler with ice

Step 2-Place a slice of lemon in it

Step 3-Fill with filtered water

Step 4-Swirl ice cubes around and enjoy the sound of ice clinking in the glass

Step 5-Propose a toast to myself and to my health

Step 6-Repeat on a daily basis

It was the action of raising the glass to my mouth more than tasting the alcohol. It had become a HABIT.

Newsflash folks-rather than try and break a habit, REPLACE it. It was still the same action, but a different outcome. That’s the secret.

And together with regular exercise I dropped 2 dress sizes.

In the immortal words of Arnie the Terminator, I say, “You can do it”.

To your health


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