Lorwai TAN answers viewers’ money questions

I know there are people out there listening and watching this show who have the same questions I encounter with my coaching clients, so this week it’s Q and A. This recording I did earlier comes in 2 parts. See below.

These questions revolve around about changing their mindset so that they can have their money, relationships and health that’s their due.

Lorwai TAN Q&A1 24 Jan 2012

Lorwai TAN Q&A2 24 Jan 2012

Question 1

I don’t like my job and I am looking to start my own business. The people I work with are okay but not business minded.

My family members have no experience in business, they have W2 jobs

Where do I start?

Question 2

You always talk about getting some financial education. Can you recommend any programs?

Question 3

I am interested in investing and I attend seminars and courses on property investing and share trading. But my husband says he is too busy to come along. How can I get him to see the importance of making sure our finances are healthy and that it’s not just up to me to make things right for us?

Question 4

My husband and I are in our early 50s. I quit my job because the people I worked for were unethical. I am now unemployed and I am worried that I will not get another job at the same executive pay scale. Have I done the right thing quitting?

Question 5

Does goal setting and affirmations work or are they gimmicks to suck in the gullible?


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