Gail Miller Interview: Being in a wheelchair is no obstacle to success

We take our ability to move, walk and get around for granted.

What if through illness or accident we lose that freedom?

Perish the thought, but for people in wheelchairs it is simply a matter of getting on with their lives including training for the London 2012 Paralympics as an equestrian competitor!

Gail Miller is a motivational speaker and author of “What we’re wheelie like-we are regular people and we use a wheelchair.”

Gail Miller Interview Part1

Gail Miller Interview Part2

Gail and I are firm believers in the power of the mind having a tremendous impact on our health, wealth and happiness.

So in this special interview, Gail has a powerful message about mindset and what a person can or think they can’t do (in life).

Her in depth conversations with these people have been translated into a book aimed at school age children.

It offers kids a different perspective, and prepares their hearts and minds to welcome diversity and difference.

Remember, the most successful people in this world are usually the most accepting of perceived differences in others; exemplary people skills is the number one trait of any top Fortune 500 CEO.

Do yourself and your kids a favor and grab a copy of the book (pdf or hardcover) from

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