Kelly Falardeau:Success In High Heels

Juggling family commitments, launching a new career as motivational speaker and winding up a 24 year marriage is what I call being a tad busy.

Kelly Falardeau a best selling author in her own right is also contributing a chapter to the upcoming book “Success in high heels” written by successful businesswomen to inspire other businesswomen.

Kelly Falardeau Interview Part1 26Feb2013

Kelly Falardeau Interview Part2 26Feb2013

What drives this burns survivor is the pure passion for doing what she loves; it is the energy to speak her truth from her heart.  Taking her life experiences as a young child undergoing multiple surgeries for burns treatment and copping the “ugly scarface kid” taunts from other school children has been her driving force to uplift and inspire others who yearn to live life on their own terms.

If you are wondering if the money follows when we honestly pursue our passion, be assured that it does. As Kelly shared, “I get paid 10 times more than when I had a job and I don’t have to turn up to work every day in an office with four walls around me.”

In the excerpt below, Kelly shares her 2 secrets for overcoming self doubt and building self image that is so necessary for us to fulfill our destiny.