Six Steps to Creating a Profit: Interview with Pat Sigmon

It is not very often that I get to talk to a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman can claim to have been in business for 30 years, and in what can be construed even by today’s standards as a male dominated niche.

Patricia Sigmon graduated with a computing degree and founded LPS Consulting Co whose core business is focused on offering businesses computing hardware and software solutions.

Pat is the author of “Six Steps to Creating Profit-A guide for Small and Mid Sized Service Based Businesses”. This is a no nonsense content rich book crammed with straight forward advice for any business owner who knows they need to improve their profit margin.

Listen to the interview Pat Sigmon Interview (unlinked)

She shares how a service oriented company can stay fresh and at the forefront of their clients’ mind and warns that ignoring the internet, social media such as Facebook and Twitter means needlessly leaving a lot of money (read profit) on the table.

Pat explains that every employee in your company is in sales, and that includes the receptionist who answers your phone. As she so aptly puts, “It’s all about sales and marketing”.

If you know your business could do with a make over and a boost to your bottom line, why not get her advice. In these challenging economic times, you will do well to have the expert on your side.

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