Kirsty Greenshields: Women, Money and Intimacy

Kirsty Greenshields background can only be described as eclectic and all encompassing; she started her career as an Army Intelligence officer, before her own health challenges saw Kirsty become a healer, master NLP practitioner, success coach and author of Women, Money and Intimacy.

Kirsty addresses the age old conundrum faced by every woman who juggles a career and family; the sometimes guilt laden question she asks of whether there is enough of her to go around to meet the needs of her family and simultaneously satisfy her own ambitions.

Her book is a poignant account of personal discovery, of becoming comfortable with receiving love and money. It is one of finding inner strength by allowing herself to trust and being open and comfortable in her own skin.

And here’s the good bit-Kirsty has also included in Women, Money and Intimacy a powerful series of life changing questions the reader can ask of themselves in order to “lose the emotional baggage” around subconsciously playing small, of feeling like she has to apologize for becoming wealthy.

Rather than forever staying in the background Kirsty discovered the courage to step into the limelight and in a state of gratitude and grace claim her magnificence. She exemplifies what she teaches and that is to live the life you came into this earth to express and lead. Find Kirsty at

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Kirsty Greenshields Part1 6Aug2013

Kirsty Greenshields Part2 6Aug2013

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