Financial Freedom, Mindset and You Part 4

Financial Freedom Mindset and You Recapping Part 3

(Parts 1-3 were titled, “You and Your Money”)

I described a real situation where a young Australian couple realized that it was their old mindset that had prevented them from accepting that they could become wealthy by receiving passive income. When the penny dropped, they quickly found a technique to smash past that obstacle and today are millionaires and are continuing to grow their multi million dollar business.

We have all heard of affirmations. Pick up any self development book that line the shelves of your bookstore and you can bet that there is at least a chapter devoted to this topic.

In essence, these are short positive sentences stated in the present tense, that when repeated daily are designed to bring about change for the better in your life.

Well, if this is so easy to do, why aren’t more people using affirmations to become happier, healthier, wealthier individuals?

When you are instructed to spring out of bed first thing in the morning with unbridled enthusiasm, and told to recite, “I am making $100, 000 a year” (when you are currently earning $30, 000 per annum), a little voice in your head says “Dream on, buddy. What makes you think you can make $100, 000?”

Herein lies the rub: Your thoughts and feelings determine your actions and your actions repeated become habits. In turn your habits drive your daily activities, which determine your results (in every facet of your life).

The key here is how you see yourself.

Remember, you cannot outperform your self image.

If you think and feel (that is the operative phrase) that you do not deserve something in life, then you will not get it. This is despite your conscious mind saying that you do want to do well in your career, life, relationship etc.

The analogy I use is that of a ship with sails (conscious mind) that has dropped anchor (subconscious mind).

If both conscious and subconscious minds are not in harmony or in sync, all the effort and good intentions (think wind in your sails=conscious mind) will not get you from where you are presently to where you want to be simply because you are still anchored (sub conscious mind) to the spot.

The programming you picked up well before you turned 7 is the basis for the behaviors that still drives you today. In other words, a 7 year old runs your life, and this may explain why you do the things you as an adult do today that might not be too helpful in achieving your life goals.

So, back to the couple I mentioned in Part 3, or more specifically the husband who we shall call Andrew.

Andrew, as a child broke his arm whilst playing on the monkey bars in a park, after being told not to (which kid does as he is told?). He then found himself in the hospital corridor waiting to be examined by a doctor.

In his impressionable young mind he saw the doctors and nurses who hurried by as people who were obviously intelligent, and remote. They were formidable and daunting figures to a young child who was also in a great deal of pain.

Andrew made the association that he wasn’t bright compared to these people. He then proceeded to prove that by failing his high school exams.

His circumstances changed when he met Paul and Mary Blackburn, founders of Beyond Success, a personal development company.

Through a 20 minute exercise and meditation, Andrew took himself back to that point in time, as a frightened distressed child in a hospital, and re scripted his experience of the event to one which was positive and calming.

The change in his self image was startling, as Andrew then went on to law school and completed his degree with distinctions.

Similarly, when Andrew and his wife were not making headway with their goal of becoming financially independent, they applied this exercise to identify the obstacle that was in their path to realizing their dream.

They made the paradigm shift from having to toil for money and that making money demanded hard graft, to being okay with receiving income passively. It was as simple as that.

Please contact me for more details regarding this exercise and meditation.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

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