Ruby Johnson and Leanne Peard Interview: Angels in Hell-re empowered after rape

What has moving on (physically, emotionally and spiritually) after sexual assault got to do with becoming financially independent?

If you are a regular reader of my blog articles on wealth creation, you will know that at the very core of becoming successful is our perception of our self esteem, self worth, self confidence that will either get you there or stop you from achieving all your goals.

Leanne Peard
Ruby Johnson

My two guests Leanne Peard & Ruby Johnson authors of Angels in Hell-re empowered after rape speak of their personal experiences and what they have done to move on.

I want to thank them on behalf of everyone who has been through it for sharing their means and methods to heal (emotionally) and move forward with their lives rather than be held hostage to the past.

Change or tapping into personal power is not an easy—but definitely a necessary—part of this journey called life, especially for those of us who have been violated, abused or attacked.

The bad news is that many will not take the steps to change; many will not be able to forgive. Many will stay in the darkness and never experience the beauty that life has to offer. We would hope that you will choose to change, to transform your life and re-­empower yourself.”-Angels in Hell re empowered after rape

In their own words:

Ruby Johnson Leanne Peard Interview Part1

Ruby Johnson Leanne Peard Interview Part2

Leanne Peard is the director of Absolute Wisdom a Life and Business Coaching consultancy, a Master of Reiki, and mother of two; she lives in tropical Cairns Queensland.

Ruby Johnson is the owner/director of Wholistic Enterprises and the founder of the College for Actualising Human Potential. She has designed and had nationally accredited the Cert IV to the Advanced Diploma in Wholistic Wellness and is the Author of 2 other books: Your Drug or Your Life and Wake Up & Breathe.

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