The Importance of Self Esteem in Creating Succes

My article today is aimed at women who work in a corporate setting.

Your company may have a dress code stipulated or as with some industries it may be informal but you still need to turn up well attired.

My point is that women get to express some of their individuality in their accessories and colors.

So let’s look at this scenario-you have an unlimited budget for clothes, shoes, hand bag(s) etc.

You turn up in designer heels, dress and are immaculately coiffed.

You have burns scars to 75% of your body including your face, upper arms and have only one ear.

How would you feel?

In a world quick to judge on the way we look and dress, some people might find that despite being well dressed, they would still feel like crawling under a rock.

I talked to Kelly Falardeau a burns survivor about her journey from hell to becoming an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author of her new book “Self Esteem doesn’t come in a bottle”.

Listen to her pearls of wisdom

Yes, she is out there standing in front of crowds knowing they will be staring at her scars and not giving a damn what they think.

She has self esteem.

Which brings me to the title of this article: The Importance of Self Esteem in Creating Success

Our ability to become wealthy and successful is determined by the level of our self esteem and self respect.

When we hold ourselves in high esteem and we respect us (the self) regardless of the opinion of others (which may be positive or of the knee capping variety), we have discovered one of the many secrets to wealth and success.

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