You Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dawg

A city slicker was visiting his distant relations out in the country and stopped by a gas station for refreshments and to fill up his fancy car.

As he was about to go inside to pay, he noticed an old timer sitting on his wooden porch in his rocking chair just quietly taking in the fresh country air.

But the peace and tranquility was disturbed by a howling dog laying at the feet of the old timer.

Mr City Slicker could not contain his curiosity and just had to ask, “Hey there sir, I can’t but help notice your dog howling. Is he ok because he sounds like he is in a lot of pain”.

“Well, son”, replied the Old timer, “That’s because this here dog is laying on a nail that ain’t hammered down smooth on this porch”.

The next obvious question he had was, “Why doesn’t the dog lay on the other side of the porch then?”

Without batting an eyelid, the Old timer said, “Because then, it’ll have to get up and MOVE!”
The first time I heard this story, I laughed so hard I almost snotted.

This is a great example of some people who say they want to be happier, thinner, healthier, richer etc but balk at having to make some type of effort.

They love the sound of their own whining, they wheel out their “story” to the unsuspecting and hope to reel them in with their tales of why something’s not right in their lives (cue violins).

So, below is this little checklist that is sure to get us thinking. It’s self explanatory.

We ask ourselves, do we play above or below the line.

If you are an OAR it means you take ownership of the situation. For example you might be a tad heavier that is healthy for your gender, age and height.

You are accountable for that less than healthy lifestyle, and you take responsibility by doing something about it such as making a choice not to have the greasy take out but choose the lean chicken whole meal sandwich instead. In other words you play above the line like a true CHAMPION.

Alternatively, you can lay in BED and play VICTIM and below the line by placing blame on everyone and everything, make convenient excuses about why you can’t (substitute “won’t) change your eating habits and downright be in denial about the fact that you haven’t been able to see your toes for years.

Accountability         CHAMPION
Excuses             VICTIM

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