Andrew and Daryl Grant Interview: How a simple mindset shift made this Australian couple millionaires

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew and Daryl Grant and hearing how by changing the way they thought, changed their future.

Andrew and Daryl Grant Interview  You can download the mp3 recording and pdf transcript of this interview by going to

Like so many of us, Andrew and Daryl had been trading their time for money.

As successful as they were in their financial planning business, they realized that their income was dependent on their active involvement in their jobs.

Time spent in their business meant time away from family, a situation they found unacceptable.

This “can do” duo then went about investigating various means of generating passive income and finally came upon the power of the internet.

Andrew and Daryl achieved their goal of becoming financially independent six months shy of their 5 year target.

All this from two people who cheerfully admit to knowing very little about building websites, writing code etc.

In this interview they speak honestly and candidly of how they overcame some of their limiting sub conscious beliefs that had stymied their efforts in the four years leading up to their goal deadline.

Andrew and Daryl have generously made available a free audio recording on overcoming subconscious blockages.

Click on the link below to get your free copy:
Andrew and Daryl Grant Blockage Buster Exercise

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