After working with Coach Lorwai for approximately 4 weeks, I have experienced some major breakthroughs! 1) I have been reconnected to my childhood dream that had been lying dormant – becoming a singer and songwriter! 2) She has helped me to identify my core values and write my personal mission statement based on my values. 3) I was given an exercise to do that literally changed a major aspect of my life – money!

This exercise helped me to identify a negative core belief about money that was created in my mind when I was a child. This negative core belief was responsible for sabotaging my ability to generate, save, and manage my money! That lie has lost its power over me and I believe I now have the right relationship with money!

I am very excited my life and the direction I am going. I actively designing and working toward my goals and dreams! I thank God for bring Coach Lorwai into my life to help catapult me to where I need to be.

Yvonne Carson
Atlanta Georgia USA

Lorwai has a dynamic nature, coupled with a rare balance of gentle strength. She has taught me, to expect the best, though be gentle on myself along the way.

Lorwai has suggested and encouraged practical tools and processes to help me move through ongoing self-sabotages. Lorwai is a generous coach who loves, both what she does and life!

Christina Mullhall
Brisbane Australia

After a few short sessions with Lorwai, she was able to find out that I needed a new direction and focus.

The next few sessions were figuring out exactly what my priorities in life are.

Finally, the last few were about setting out and how to achieve them.

I am immensely grateful for her patience and time taken with me and especially her help with my new direction.

Matt Merritt
Cairns Australia

When I first met Lorwai I was in a state of confusion about my personal life, and desperation about my career prospects. I was at the end of a long relationship, emotionally vulnerable, unemployed and lacking in confidence.

With Lorwai I undertook a rigorous course during which I came to understand my strengths and weaknesses and how to harness my time, energy and emotions. Sessions with Lorwai were stimulating, engaging and always revealing. Her non-judgemental probing led me to self-knowledge and a real eureka moment when my life direction came into focus after a lifetime of searching. The daily success rituals she taught me enable me to achieve clarity and equilibrium in the midst of a busy and stressful life.

I now work in a job I love where I achieved promotion within 6 months, while I continue to take steps towards creating my own business. I would recommend Lorwai to anyone who truly wants to see improvement in their life.

Patricia C

Lorwai Tan is simply inspirational. She has motivated me to realise my potential during a period of upheaval in my personal and work life that included serious family health issues to contend with. Lorwai challenged me to set high goals and exceed my own expectations of myself.

In a time of crisis, she supported and inspired me to continue to achieve through challenging times.

She has demonstrated a capacity to get into your life (and soul) without making you feel she is a trespasser. I am a sceptic who struggles to trust anyone but she created confidence and respect from the moment we were introduced.

Lorwai helped me renew my inner strength, my self belief and the knowledge that following my own values is okay. She reminded me of beliefs, values and goals that had slipped away over time as life got in the way.

If you are looking for a coach who asks you what you think and then tells you that you are right, go somewhere else. Lorwai will engage you honestly and with her unique personal style that will draw out the best in you and then, make it better.

Without hesitation, I recommend Lorwai to anyone looking to fulfill their potential or renew their emotional vigor. Give her a call, you won’t regret it.

Steve H
Adelaide Australia

It has been fantastic working with you. It’s been a great way to confirm that I’m well and truly on the right track, while giving me a number of slightly different ways to think about situations and deal with the internal and external stressors in my life.

It’s often easy to forget who you are, and undergoing the coaching program provided a constant reminder of what is truly important to me, what I value most and the areas that I needed to focus on to improve my life.

You’re more than aware that my circumstances are unique and will always impact me at some stage, so to take on someone of that nature and provide a listening ear and suggestions on how to cope with the hard times has been fantastic – kudos to you young lady!

I hope all of your other clients have found this exercise beneficial, because I think that more people in this world could benefit from this greatly if they give it the chance..

Sheree B
Adelaide Australia

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