Adelaide Gourmet Coffee: It’s Organo Gold!!

As a career transition coach, I specialize in getting my client out of the rat race and into doing what they were meant to do on this Earth when they step into the light and discover their authentic selves (if they haven’t already).

Usually this requires that they leave their current job when they come to realize it is not where their enthusiasm, passion and innate skills and talents are honoured.

It is only by nurturing their God given skills and talents that they truly begin to expand the vision of their future. Every human being has incorporated into their DNA the drive and the desire for self expression.

The fullest expression of their identity and individuality is at the core of their soul.

So here is where it gets painful and poignant; being given a glimpse of the potential magnificence of their authentic destiny and then looking at their current financial obligations that chain them to their job.

Their current reality is one of meeting their mortgage, kids’ school fees and paying off debt acquired on entering the workforce.

It is soul destroying when we feel our highest calling and vision remain unfulfilled because we do not have the financial freedom to resign from our jobs.

I’d wager that for many people who feel that they are denied the opportunity for self expression resorting to addictive behaviours of the “olics”; the alcoholic, shopperholic, workerholic, chochoholic (!) but to name a few temporarily reduces the pain…but I digress.

When quitting their job on the spot is not an option, my clients and I work on a plan to replace one day’s worth of their wage with another source of income by working part time after hours on one of the many lucrative home based businesses available. The ultimate aim is that over a pre determined length of time, their
One such is vehicle for financial freedom is the Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee business. Yes, it’s nothing fancy, it’s coffee. A potential billion dollar market exists as my clients know of at least one coffee drinker for each ten of their family, friends or acquaintances.

I openly declare I am a distributor for Organo Gold not only because I am a coffee drinker but that the stats and trends don’t lie.

To be able to encourage my clients to buy into a global business with a very modest outlay is the only way I know to demonstrate that this strategy for financial freedom works.

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