Louise Bedford Interview: Winning Mindset of Successful Share Traders

Albert Einstein summed it up beautifully when he said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Frankly, I am all for that when it comes to every facet of my life especially that of my financial well being.

When we become proactive in securing our financial future (which includes using our time to become financially literate) the opportunities that we had not noticed begin to appear.

So, rather than attempt to operate within today’s restrictive economic paradigm, I invite you to broaden your fiscal horizons and consider the possibility of achieving financial freedom by becoming a full time trader.

But first, you have to get past your preconceived ideas, prejudices and ill founded fears that it is risky and a game for mugs. Yes, there are inherent risks, but the secret is to educate yourself before committing your hard earned cash into this venture.

To help you get started on some solid trading education, click on this link below to get your $97 (plus postage) trading education pack:


Louise Bedford Interview 21Aug2012 Part1

Louise Bedford Interview 21Aug2012 Part2

The expert at hand to help get you past yourself is Louise Bedford one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on the sharemarket. Formerly disabled, she has been in the markets for nearly 20 years and has trained thousands of people to maximise their own trading potential. Louise has degrees in Business as well as Psychology, and has become an expert on the Mindset of a Millionaire.

Even though trading for a living offers an unparalleled freedom, make sure you have develop the necessary skills prior to telling your employers that its your last day on the job. The difference between success and failure is action. The top 5% successful people in the world are action-takers.

Louise has a free special 5-part free e-course on her website; just go to www.tradinggame.com.au for your goodies and find out more about her mentor program.










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