Stephanie Kakris: Overcoming the most common mistakes made when setting goals

We are at the end of Jan 2013 and a significant percentage of the enthusiasm and fire of our New Year’s goals and resolutions have fizzled out like flat champagne.

Without judgment but with honest observation, ask yourself if you are back to square one and have settled back into the comfort zone of last year’s behaviors and mindset. This may look like giving away the goal of being a more healthy you or establishing a more financially responsible habit (ie setting up a savings account and dutifully depositing money into it on a regular basis).

Please don’t feel guilty if these well laid plans have fallen by the wayside because Stephanie Kakris (Founder of High Performance Club) and goal setting expert will explain how you can salvage, resuscitate and re energize your commitment to accomplishing your major goals for 2013.

Stephanie Kakris Interview Part1 29Jan2013

Stephanie Kakris Interview Part2 29Jan2013

One step is as simple as asking “Who am I not to achieve my goals” as you will hear in this excerpt.

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