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We are AGAINST scarcity that says that everything you receive was forcibly taken from somebody else.

Entrepreneurship is about making new pies, not dividing up old ones. Perry Marshall
I took this quote out of Perry Marshall’s newsletter.

Many of you know him as the man who figured out Google Adwords.

There is a common but erroneous belief that for you to profit in a business deal, there must be a poor sucker elsewhere who loses his shirt.

Somehow we feel that we have to hold our breath whilst divvying up the pie lest we accidentally inhale the tiny slice that is our portion.

Would it not be easier, like the man says to make a new pie?

Now, there’s a thought.

We live in the best of times, in this century where so many opportunities abound.

Most of us live in democracies that give us the freedom to choose businesses and enterprises that were not available before the advent of the phenomenon known as the internet.

The magic word is abundance as opposed to scarcity or more specifically the “scarcity mentality”.

I use this term used to denote someone who sees the hole instead of the donut.

Abundance has the connotation of being expansive, generous and giving.

I don’t know about you but I like to think that my business offers something valuable to my clients, a product or service that will improve the quality of their lives.

When I think along those lines, I am making a new pie and certainly no one has lost their shirt over this deal.

No one was ripped off, and there was no driving of a hard bargain that resulted in a winner and a loser.

We both won.

Yours in wealth, health and happiness

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