You and Your Money: Part 2

Recapping Part 1

Your emotional money profile determines your current level of wealth.

So, if you think you should be doing a whole lot better than your present circumstances, chances are that you have had sub consciously programmed into your mind, the money beliefs you picked up from your parents or other figures of authority when you were a child that do not support your conscious waking goals for becoming financially independent and/or wildly successful in your business ventures. This I referred to as the X Factor.

If I was to ask the question “Do you want to be rich” the immediate response of 99.9 percent of the population would be a resounding “Heck, yeah!” But for a majority, there is the internal conflict that arises with being in the position of having a lot of the green folding stuff handed to them.

It is well known that most people who win hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars through lotteries end up losing the lot and have in their wake a string of broken relationships. WHY?

Because these people do not have the mindset of a wealthy person, instead they are poor people with a lot of money.

But before you become indignant and start hitting the reply button let me elaborate.

We all have a “money thermostat” programmed into our subconscious; we are comfortable with having a pre-determined amount of money in our bank account. This is in direct proportion to our sense of self worth or self esteem.

For example, there are people who feel that earning $50, 000 a year is the all time high of a level whilst others are comfortable with being $35, 000 per annum type of guys and gals.

Being creatures of habit, we gravitate towards what makes us comfortable and some people will do just about anything to return to their comfort zone. They will subconsciously rid themselves of the excess money by making poor investment choices or recklessly spending on expensive trinkets such as fast cars, and boats that depreciate in value over time. They also tend to attract people into their lives who will help them spend it quickly!

So, how do you shift this “money thermostat” into the region of $100, 000’s instead of $10, 000s? I could have said $1, 000, 000’s but that would seem like leaping into the realms of the impossible, so baby steps first.

Number 1- work on your self esteem (this is a given, folks).

Number 2- get comfortable with earning and receiving more than you are currently getting. For the sake of the illustration, grab a piece of paper and write down the figure you are getting or earning. Note the feelings that surface; now multiply that number by 5 and note again how you feel when you write that new number down.

If you cannot feel comfortable with this new number, we will explore why this is in Part 3.

Till then,

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

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