You and Your Money: Part 3

Recapping Part 2

You were asked to note how you felt when you wrote down your current income on a piece of paper. When you multiplied that number by 5 lots of feelings came up, and you might have been surprised that not all those feelings were exciting or positive.

That simple exercise was a subtle as a sledgehammer indicator of where your income thermostat is set.
We will start by looking at why there is a resistance to increasing that level.

In order to be financially independent, you need to be able to leverage your time such as setting up businesses that can run like clockwork without you working 80 hour weeks.

One area where you can do this is on the internet where it is possible to set up perfectly legitimate businesses that generate passive income.

I know of an Australian couple who set a goal of becoming financially independent within a 5 year period and they did just that with 6 months to spare.

They wanted to quit their day jobs so that they could spend more time with their two young kids.

They tried different business vehicles and for 4 and ½ frustrating years they felt like they were not getting anywhere and then, Bang! the big bucks came in. They finally made it. How did they do this?

Firstly by their own admission, they had to get over the emotional and subconscious hurdle of making passive incomes.

They came from families with a strong work ethic; it meant that their subconscious minds could not accept a scenario where they made money passively ie without working hard for it, without exerting themselves, without making an effort; it was not from the sweat of their brow.

That was definitely an “aha!” moment for them when they put two and two together. They were then able to work through the subconscious blockage, and they haven’t looked back since. Today they are multi millionaires.

So, are you curious to know how they did this? Let’s just say, most if not all of it can be found in Part 4.

Trust me, you’ll really love this one.

Yours in health, wealth and happiness

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