Hello loyal readers,

This is a heads up as to where all those interviews have gone.

Fret not, they now have a new home.

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Why did I do this?

In speaking with people who would dearly love to change/quit their day jobs and pursue what really makes their spirit soar and their hearts sing, I heard loud and clear one recurring theme that has stopped them from taking that life changing step.


They fear not being able to pay the mortgage, or the kids’ school fees

They fear being unemployed, “What, have you not seen the state of the economy lately?” they ask.

They fear losing the sense of identity their job gives them.

It’s funny how people rationalize their predicament with phrases like, “It’s not really that bad working in this place”, or “It’s only sometimes when I want to tell the boss what he/she can do with their half baked ideas that they want me to implement” or “If it wasn’t for the money I’d be handing in my resignation letter right now”.

Meanwhile nothing has changed.

They are still putting up with the stress and underlying dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

So, I now have a brand new website that complements the topics related to career transitioning strategies.

Please visit and get some insight into why people stay in their uninspiring jobs and turn being perpetually unhappy into an endurance test.

Be on the lookout for my next article here on tips and strategies to maintaining your equanimity when your work colleagues are losing it.

Live long and prosper.