Bronwyn Boyle Interview on Archetypes: The Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute In Us

Most people take the view that others must change or conform before their life can be “perfect”. In my humble opinion, that’s a bit like using the wrong end of the telescope to view the world.

Bronwyn Boyle is Certified Archetypal Consultant, NLP Master Practitioner and Performance Consultant who will give you a highly different take on this matter. It begins with knowing who we are; we start first and foremost with understanding ourselves.

The wealth, health and relationships we yearn for will come to us-but not before we make the necessary changes in ourselves. “The pursuit of a better world through the development of the self” is an accurate description of how Bronwyn helps her clients grow their businesses, have the happy personal relationships-the whole nine yards.

I found this interview with Bronwyn fascinating as she explained that within us are the following four fundamental Archetypes ie the Child, Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute. We all have a little bit of each in us. Want to know more? Listen to the entire interview here.

Bronwyn Boyle Interview Part1

Bronwyn Boyle Interview Part2

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