Top 5 Destructive Money Beliefs

Do you feel worthy?

Do you feel like you deserve money and wealth…

Or on a subconscious level, do you have a more disempowering conversation going on that’s actually REPELLING money from you… in ways that you might not even consciously realize?

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According to Natalie, there are several subconscious limiting money beliefs that can block the flow of wealth into your life.

(And considering she’s spent the last 6 years speaking, writing books and creating tools on how to unlock more abundance into your life, I think she knows a thing or two about manifesting money!)

Here are the Top 5 Limiting Money Beliefs that afflict 99% of the population – one of which you may have buried in your subconscious mind that’s been working against you for years, maybe even decades…

#1: There is not enough money to go around.

#2: It takes money to make money.

#3: It’s greedy for me to want more.

#4: If I become wealthy people will hate me.

#5: I’m not worthy.

Is one of these limiting beliefs sabotaging your income in ways that you may not even consciously realize?

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