Morgana Rae: Financial Alchemy, 12 Months of Magic and Manifestation

How do you have an almost human in the flesh living breathing relationship with money? When I first heard Morgana Rae pose that question in the form of having me describe it as a Money Monster and then a Money Honey, my honest to God response was WTF. Seriously???

However, as I delved more into what Morgana is encouraging the reader to ponder, it became obvious that in the gentlest of ways, she is asking a person to consider in ALL its facets their thoughts, long held beliefs, opinions, fears, aspirations and feelings about money.

As Morgan explained in this interview, we are at best ambivalent about money. This is of course speaking to the people who have tried goal setting, affirmations, vision boards, attending marketing seminars and still have not experienced the financial success they want.

So listen up, all ye who are still struggling with attaining financial success, because when you get it, all other areas of your life start to sparkle.

Morgana Rae Interview Part1

Morgana Rae Interview Part2

Morgana speaks from experience and from the heart, of wanting to spare others of the months and years of metaphorically hitting their heads against the sharp corner of a brick wall by discussing this unique modality she has designed and refined for humanizing our relationship with money. Yes, really it is that straight forward.

Morgana is relationships with money coach, a professional speaker and author of the soon to be available on Amazon bookstore Financial Alchemy, 12 months of magic and manifestation. She has been featured in WSJ online and Entrepreneur Magazine and is well credentialed to speak on this subject.

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