George Fokas: Stockmarket Cashflow Strategy

It takes guts, Fokas (not a typo), passion and solid education in your chosen investment field to become financially independent.

The journey may be a lonely one as George Fokas global stock investor, educator, mentor and founder of Fokas can attest. But it is because of this unwavering self belief and persistence despite negative input from well meaning family and friends, he managed to go from working 50 hour weeks to retiring at 28 a financially free man.

The strategy George uses is a legitimate but little known method that lets him make cashflow in the stock market regardless of whether the market was going up, down or even side ways.

In this inspiring interview, hear George describe the number of times he got himself off the canvas after each financial setback. Let this be a lesson to anyone feeling as though they have had to stuffing kicked out of them and are feeling a bit despondent about their financial future. As he will tell you, it’s not how many times you get knocked down it is whether you get up again and again and again.

For anyone feeling cynical and jaded about the effectiveness of all the wealth creation programs they have bought (and haven’t been the cash generator they were promised), George has generously given out his personal email (which is unheard of) so that you can contact him directly to see for yourself the results his students have achieved.

Big call, but only so because his strategy works provided you follow the instructions to the letter and are focused, passionate and persistent, much like the man himself.

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